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I'm not a professional movie critic, all of the reviews you'll see here are my opinion (unless otherwise stated) and should be taken with a grain of salt….like tequila. Movies are pretty much rated by how much I enjoyed watching them, not by production values, acting, or special effects. It's really all in fun. So if you see a review you disagree with don't start a bar fight, just sit down with a cold one and enjoy. Let's see what's on tap tonight…

Robocop 2014robocop

You know what phrase I hear a lot when a remake of any movie is announced?

"I hope they don't screw it up."

Unfortunately, the remakes are too often screwed up. Take Robocop 2014…it wasn't greenlit because it had a great script or anything. It was made because the studio figured they could cash in on the name of a popular character. It's that simple and it shows…